Do you suffer from?

Do you suffer from foot or leg pain, backache, knee pain, shin splints, heel pain, or ankle pain? Orthotics can be part of the solution that could help. Orthotics are foot beds / shoe inserts that improve foot function, which in turn, improves posture and relieves the condition you are suffering by rebalancing the over worked parts of the feet and legs.

What will happen during my appointment ?

Many people worry about what happens during an appointment and what is involved. Below is a step by step guide through your appointment with us which explains what happens.


Adam takes a detailed history of your condition and lifestyle to ascertain what the problem is and how it can best be managed.


Your assessment begins with a walk on the treadmill for Adam to take note of how your feet and legs are working. Adam then continues the assessment checking the hips and joints to check their alignment.

He also checks the alignment of your ankles and knees, and the ranges and quality of movement in your joints and muscles.

Detailed Measurements and Angles are taken.

Casting Process

Casting Process In order to fabricate the orthotics a cast of your foot needs to be taken. By laying down during the casting process Adam is able to isolate the foot and take accurate corrected casts which will make for better orthotics.

Your casts are then sent for the production of your tailor-made orthotics. By using this method over others the Orthotics offer more precise control of the foot and are better placed to provide maximum benefit.


Once your Orthotics are ready, you attend a fitting appointment to confirm they fit comfortably. Adam will also explain the process of getting used to your new orthotics. A six week follow up appointment is booked. This is for Adam to check you are comfortable wearing your Orthotics