I have been seeing Adam for over 10 years and I have always found courteous, professional and friendly. He has helped me to manage my condition (achilles tendinitis) which has enabled me to live a relatively pain-free, day to day existence and minimised the restrictions on what I can do in my life.

Barry Ruggles

I visited Adam regularly for treatment during my peak years as a gymnast representing Great Britain. My chosen discipline, trampoline, is extremely traumatic on the feet and ankles, and there is no doubt that the treatment Adam provided helped me in my competitive endeavours.

From ensuring the skin stayed flexible enough to prevent cracking to providing inserts for my trainers to offload my tendons, Adam was always thoroughly professional in his work and receptive to my problems and ideas.

For anyone looking for the services he can offer, he comes highly recommended.

Steve Walsh

I’ve been a regular patient of Adam’s for over 10 years now. Being an avid golfer and long distance runner I’ve always had my fair share of foot, ligament, hip and lower back problems. When I first came to see Adam he instantly recognised the problem and suggested orthotics and specific exercises which have not just fixed the problem but ensured that I have been enjoying my sporting activities without pain and injuries ever since. I attend regular check-ups with him and have never once looked back!

Susanna Mitterer

Since treatment with Adam Costain my comfort in walking has improved significantly as has my daughter’s walking generally, both with the use of orthotics and continued monitoring.

Annemarie Hedges

When the Devon Parade Clinic was recommended to me by my physiotherapist, I was apprehensive and doubtful whether my Achilles tendon problem could be cured.  After only a couple of visits to Adam Costain I realised I was wrong.  In fact it has changed my life.  Before the treatment I couldn’t walk as far as the local shops, now l can walk for miles with no pain or discomfort thanks to Adam.  The service at the Devon Parade Clinic is excellent and the staff are friendly and welcoming.

Jenny Goodman 12/8/14

I was referred to Mr Costain just over a year ago by my physiotherapist and the treatment has been a great success. Having suffered from bad shin splints the last few years, the insoles I had made as part of the treatment has all but cured the problem and I can only recommend to someone else with similar issues.


R. Cartwright

Over a period of about six months I developed a problem with my feet in that the toes were curling over with the result that I was walking and standing on the points of my toes within my shoes.  This painful condition was made worse by the development of thick corny pads on the sole of my feet and smaller corns in the insteps.  All these changes caused pain in the muscles of the backs of my legs when walking any distance, a feeling of tipping forwards when walking downstairs and discomfort when driving due to the pressure from the control pedals.

At a consultation with Adam Costain he trimmed away all the excessive skin growth which gave an immediate lessening of the problem, but for long-term correction of the deformed curling toes he recommended the fitting of orthoses to wear within my shoes.  These prescription items, designed specifically to match my feet, were quickly manufactured and duly fitted into my shoes.  By the time of a second consultation six weeks after wearing the orthoses my toes were dramatically straightening out again, walking long distances and standing were now no longer a problem and there was hardly any regrowth of the thickened skin on the soles of the feet.  I will continue to wear the orthoses on a daily basis as they have provided a simple but excellent resolution to a chronic painful problem.

Simon Smith